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7 Areas of Learning

For More info: Parents' Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

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3 Prime Areas of Learning

1. Personal, social and emotional development

For example, learning about body parts, dressing up, taking turns and listening to others. Learning to manage behaviour.

2. Physical development

For example, art and crafts, climbing, fine motor practice with loose parts, playing outside, threading buttons, throwing and catching balls. 

3. Communication and language

For example, looking at books, listening to CDs and singing, listening games, role-play and rhyme time.

4 Specific Areas


4. Literacy

For example, looking at letter shapes and tracing them. Looking at print in the environment, practising copying print, storytelling with puppets drawing shapes and patterns.

5. Mathematics

For example, playing with money, matching games, jigsaws, cooking and looking at weights. Measures, recording and watching time sequence games shapes playing with sizes and sorting with shape size colour.

6. Expressive art and design

For example, mixing colours gluing and making up junk models, sand, water, Play-Doh, listening to music, painting, small world toys such as little people farms zoos.

7. Understanding of the world

For example, recycling, playing outside in the woods, map making, being aware of equality and diversity through small role-play toys experimenting with cooking making models with Play-Doh and sand being outside and learning with nature role-play watching the seasons change.