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Acorn to Oak
Nursery & Pre-School

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child need to be to enrole at Acorn to Oak?

We are registered as a non-domestic setting providing registered childcare for ages 0-5.

What should my child bring with them to Pre-Sschool?

Your child will need to bring with them a spare change of clothes and either black school plimsolls or slippers to play indoors. They will also need to bring wellies or all in one suits - puddle suits all with the boots which can be stored at with us.

What should my child wear to the Nursery and Pre-School?

Your child will be supplied with a short-sleeved logo T-shirt. This can be worn in the winter with a long sleeve T-shirt underneath. Jogging bottoms and loose fitted trousers are preferred to be worn with their logo t-shirt. Please make sure children do not wear precious clothes. Your child will get messy as they play.

Can I as a parent be involved at the nursery and pre-school?

Yes, you are welcome to come to preschool and help with reading stories, supervising and playing alongside the children at pre-school subject to safeguarding guidance.

Do you provide meals?

For children staying the full day, breakfast, hot lunch and a cold tea will be provided. These are included in the fees.

How are parents made aware of the children’s progress at Acorn to Oak?

Every child will have a key person who works alongside the child to ensure they are progressing. A learning Journal will be completed on your child using observations during play. Termly reports are sent home to parents. Parents are invited to speak with a staff member at a prearranged time if they have any worries or concerns.