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Acorn to Oak
Nursery & Pre-School

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 07746 118040

226 Hook Rd, Chessington KT9 1PL

Our Chessington Preschool:

Offers children the space they need to learn, play and move freely in a large, open room. Outdoor play is also important for children and we intend to make this possible every day, regardless of the weather. Our Chessington location benefits from 6-acres of outdoor space for the children in our care to enjoy.

We plan to access outdoor play every day irrespective of weather - a learning environment in extensive private grounds where they can benefit from high-quality, interactive learning.

Our preschool is registered for under 5s but we later intend to expand to under 3s. Safeguarding is our priority; our fully qualified and dedicated staff ensure that safety and wellbeing needs are met.

The Nursery and Preschool will be open Monday to Friday - 50 weeks of the year.It is closed for two weeks over Christmas and New Year. We have 40 places are available.

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Preschool Learning

Our Chessington pre-school prioritises learning in a relaxed environment where children can learn at their own pace. The pre-school will equip them with skills and abilities that will help the children to become confident, independent learners. The children will be engaged in activities where they can learn life skills and the skills and confidence needed to progress well into school. Whilst some of our learning will be structured, we also believe in encouraging independent problem solving and encouraging children to develop and use their own initiative. We will also encourage the children to engage in hands-on experiences, which our setting in Chessington will help to foster. Our core value at Acorn to Oak is to respect and treat each child as a unique individual and to tailor learning and their pre-school experience to their individual needs, helping them to gain the best of their abilities.

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