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Acorn to Oak
Nursery & Pre-School

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 07746 118040

226 Hook Rd, Chessington KT9 1PL

Our nursery’s priorities and values

Our Chessington nursery is run by highly dedicated, fully qualified and experienced professionals. At Acorn to Oak nursery, we prioritise your child’s safety and wellbeing. The values and priorities we follow at our Chessington nursery include:

  • Safeguarding is our main priority
  • Offering support to aid learning
  • Respecting each child as a unique individual and meeting their personal needs
  • Creating a relaxed, open and interactive environment which fosters learning

We now offer places for children ages 0-5.

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Learning at Nursery

Learning at Acorn to Oak nursery is interactive. The nursery and pre-school children in our care learn in one large room, and we often give them the opportunity to interact at playtimes. This mixed-age play is conducive to their learning. We also encourage the children to interact and learn through hands-on experiences. This might include activities such as problem-solving, building, cooking or being creative. At our Chessington nursery, we recognise the importance of supporting children as they learn at their own pace. Whilst some of their learning will be structured, we also prioritise independent learning, supporting them in a relaxed environment to develop skills which will help them enter school with confidence.

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